Welcome to my world

I am Krishnakumari and I have a charming family.I just scored half century.Unspoken responsibilities of a housewife has been almost achieved

.The normal things which I do were received by many with a WOW.Two personsDr.Makilzhan(son-in-law)Latha Kartik in addition to “WOW” gifted me with a suggestion to share it with the world.

Born and brought up in Tamil Nadu but married and settled in Kerala so started cooking Kerala cuisine too.

This site covers art,tips,do it yourself,cooking and little bit of baking.

Yes, it’s the same Women’s World blog from a Tamilachi..


8 replies on “Welcome to my world”

Hi ..I read your first post … It was awesome . Brought back lots of childhood memories …😊. Your Cross stitch Ganapathy is artsy 👌🏻.
Eagerly waiting to read more from this TAMILACHI …

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Hello,…. very good to have started this. You can share all good things and give good tips and ideas to other interested people. All the
very best to take this forward with enthusiasm and waiting eagerly to read all your forthcoming postings.


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