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Expressing good wishes or greetings

In our daily life we use different expressions.It can be also a salutation when one person meets another person or it can be a message which includes mobile friendly words too.

A day can be divided into three parts.First expression is “Good Morning”.It is a polite greeting you say to someone in the early hours of the day.We  also use this when we see a person for the first time in the morning.This wish itself can make a person cheerful.

“Good afternoon” is used between noon and 5p.m.

“Good night” is used at the end of the day or leave taking or even for going to bed.This can  be a desire  to sleep well .The words hey,hi is used instead of hello.Especially hey for a person whom you have already met.

When we use greetings  and expressions it will make us more polite and courteous.These mean a lot for  many people.Expressions like How are you? ,How was the day? Feel Better and many more will give us a sense of satisfaction.Especially when we receive from persons close to our heart who are far away, will make us feel that they are close.And this feeling itself is a wonderful experience.At times of distress it makes us feel cozy and naturally we feel better .

Greetings and expressions can change our moods and attitude.Sometimes it has a sentimental value like when we use  the expression” Best of luck”.

Next time when we we use greetings or expressions think that it will be of the support to the person who receives the message. Don’t hesitate or forget to greet or wish people.




2 replies on “Expressing good wishes or greetings”

Wow…that’s beautifully written… and exactly true. Yes , it is these small greetings that would sometimes add a spring to our hearts…


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