It’s a long time since I have posted a DIY craft.Thought summer vacation will be the right time.Most kids will love to play with dolls and have fun with it.Decorating a doll for your child will be more fun.You can customise the dress for the doll.Here I have made a simple dress with easily available things at can so it or can guide your child to do it as a craft.If you gift your child as a surprise too.

Things needed
*Blouse bits or any left over cloth after your stitching needs.
*Empty can (watch containers)
*Thread and needle

Method small piece of cloth(10cms by 15 cms).
2.another piece a bigger one(30cms by 60cms).
3. In the small piece of cloth make a hole in the the edges.Now remove the head insert the piece of cloth and replace the head.Tie a thread around the hip to make the dress fit.
4.Now take the  bigger piece of cloth you can change the measurements according to your needs.Now gather small pleats .Put the skirt for the doll and can pull the thread of the dress according to the hip size adjust and fasten it.
5.Adjust the blouse and skirt.when it is ready keep in empty canand stuff cotton or sponge to make the doll stand erect.This will also increase the height of the doll.
6. Decorate with laces.
7.If you are gifting to someone else can keep it in a round tray.



8 replies on “DOLL DECORATION”

Wow…that’s a beautiful doll.Good decoration…and it looks as though easy to make too…good handwork.
U r really good at everything you do…a good homemaker…hats off to you.


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