Among different rice preparation curd rice is an easy recipe one.Thayir sadam is served lastin the menu .South Indian meal meal will not end without curd rice.This is both in exotic menu as well as satvic menu.curd rice is offered in temples  also.During the month of Margazhiafter chanting Thirupavai and Thiruvampavai they give some rice variety as prasadam this is one such.
*Cooked rice 1cup
*Curd.  1/2 cup
*milk 1/2 cup.
For seasoning
*Oil 2 tbs
*Mustard seeds1/4 tsp
*urad dhal1/2 TSP
*curry leaves a few
*green chillies 2
*ginger a small piece chop or grate
*raw mango 1 tsp. Chopped
*coriander leaves chopped
*salt as needed.

1.Cook rice. It should be after cooking rice mash it with a laddle.
2.When it is cold add milk,curd and salt mix well.
3.To a small frying pan pour 2 tbs of oil then add mustard seeds when it splutters add urad dhal then add chopped chillies,curry leaves,ginger and raw mango and fry  a little and to the rice mixture..
Serve with pickle.
Some like to have with potato fry,some with okra fry and some with vengaya vadagam.

One can serve with grated carrot for more healthy version.
*can top with pomegranate to make it colourful too.
*green grapes or raisins can be added

Few tips
1.If you are going to consume after few hours more milk should be used with 2 or 3 tbs of curd
2.After mixing the rice should be loose.
3.Depending on your taste increase the or decrease the quantity of curd.
4. Never use hand for mixing as it will increase the sourness
5.While adding milk to rice see that the rice is cold..

As a side dish an easy method of preparing an easy pickle.
To cut raw mangoes add red chilly powder and required amount of salt.Mix well.If you want can add seasoning too.



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