Onion tomato kootu.


Among kootu varieties this is one.This is simple and easy recipe common in SouthIndia.It is very nutritious too.Best for rice.

Onion _____2
Coconut scrapings____3 tbs
Yellow moong dhal____1/3rd cup
Turmeric_____ 1/4 TSP
Mustard seeds___1/4 TSP
Urad dhal________1 TSP
Green chillies_____4
Cumin seeds_____1/2 TSP
Garlic___3to4 pods anf
Salt as needed

1.Pressure cook the dhal  with turmeric powder and keep aside.
2.Heat oil in a kadai add mustard seeds when it splutters add urad dhal when it turns brown add onions.Fry a little add tomato and fry for sometime add little water and cook for sometime.Add required amount of salt.
3.When it is cooked add cooked  dhal to it.
4.Grind coconut,cumin seeds,green chillies and garlic pods into fine paste.Cook till raw smell  goes.

Optional can use green tomato (unripe tomatoes) without onions.
Increase or decrease the quantity of tomatoes and onion according to individual taste.
Serve this with rice.



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