Kovaka also known as Tindora is a small green coloured vegetable.It is affordable,healthy and tasty one.It is a good source of fibre and other nutrients.This is a simple stir fry recipe.


  • Kovakai……..500 GM’s
  • Onion……1 or 2
  • Chilli powder……..1 to 2 TSP
  • Turmeric powder……..1/2 TSP
  • Oil for frying
  • Salt as required
  • Mustard seeds………1/4 TSP
  • Urad dhal………1/2 tsp


    1. Wash,drain and cut ivy guord into thin slices.
    2. Now add little salt and chilli powder and put in a sieve the vegetables and allow the water to come out.
    3. Heat little oil in a kadai.
    4. Add mustard seeds when it splutters add urad dhal after few minutes add chopped onions.
    5. After few seconds add kovakkai and then required balance salt turmeric powder and chillipowder till it is done.

      If u don’t want to add onions u can leave it

      Watch “மொறுமொறு கோவைக்காய் வறுவல்/crispy ivy guord fry/ side dish for rice chapathi” on YouTube


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      Another stir fry for vegans from me.Easy to prepare.Beetroot is not only attractive but also very rich in nutrients.


      • Beetroot_______250gms
      • Oil_____________3tbs
      • Mustard_______1/4 TSP
      • Urad dhal______1/2 TSP
      • Curry leaves____1 sprig
      • Onions________1 or 2
      • Green chillies____3 nos
      • Coconut scrapings___1/4 cup
      • Salt as needed


      1.Peel beetroot and keep in pressure cooker for two whistles.When cool cut into small pieces.Keep aside.

      2.Heat a pan.Add oil to it .To it add mustard seeds.when it splutters add urad dhal.

      3. Add curry leaves and chopped onions or shallots with green chillies.

      4. When done add cut beetroot mix well then add salt and finally coxnut scrapings.
      Serve with rice as a side dish.

      Goes well with sambar as well as curd rice.

      Another variation is can grind coconut with green chillies and 1/4 TSP cumin seeds and instead of adding coconut scrapings add this grinded mixture.


      Life hacks

      1.When a drain is clogged with grease put a cup of salt and a cup of baking soda into the drain.Then poura kettle of boiling water.This will remove grease.

      2.Attached blouse pieces which come with sarees cannot be used.These blouse pieces can be used for stitching small pouches.

      3.With bathi’s asheswe can wipe brass handle it  will shine

      4. If children draw with wax crayons can blow with hair drier when it starts melting canrub it off easily.

      5.After using fevicol put few drops of water in it and store.

      6.If going to work that is paint or embroidery first wash and then draw the design and start working.

      7.For drawing kolams on tile floors we can use children’s crayons.


      Mixed vegetable fry

      An easy recipe with few vegetables.This stir fry can be done quickly.Basically a mixed vegetable thoran.It is nutritious and delicious can be done with a variety of vegetables here I have used cabbage,peas and carrot.


      • Mixed vegetables________3 cups
      • Shallots ___few or onion finely chopped.
      • Coconut_____grated 1/3 cup
      • Curry leaves ____a sprig
      • Green chillies_____2 chopped
      • Red chilly________1

      For tempering:

      • Oil______2 TBS
      • Mustard seeds 1/2 TSP
      • Urad dhal____1/2 TSp


      1. Boil vegetables and keep aside
      2. In a pan first put oil.
      3. Then add mustard seeds when it splutters add urad dhal
      4. Add red chillies
      5. Now add chopped onion or shallots and green chillies to it and fry after adding curry leaves
      6. Add the boiled vegetables.
      7. Mix well and add salt and finally grated coconut to is ready.

      This is served as a side dish for lunch or dinner with rice and some curry.the vegetables can be chopped ,diced or grated.

      Another option is that can add vegetables without boiling and fry sprinkling water and dry  fry it with a generous àmout of coconut.