Life hacks

1.When a drain is clogged with grease put a cup of salt and a cup of baking soda into the drain.Then poura kettle of boiling water.This will remove grease.

2.Attached blouse pieces which come with sarees cannot be used.These blouse pieces can be used for stitching small pouches.

3.With bathi’s asheswe can wipe brass handle it  will shine

4. If children draw with wax crayons can blow with hair drier when it starts melting canrub it off easily.

5.After using fevicol put few drops of water in it and store.

6.If going to work that is paint or embroidery first wash and then draw the design and start working.

7.For drawing kolams on tile floors we can use children’s crayons.


6 replies on “Life hacks”

Very useful…especially for drain clogging …which is needed in every house.thank u for sharing this.everything u have given here is simple but useful. Thank you.


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