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Momos is a type of steamed food filled dumpling. There are typically two types of momos steamed and fried.Momos is usually served with a dipping sauce Normally made with a tomato as the base ingredient.Pan fried momo is also known as kothey momo.This is inherited from the traditional Nepali cuisine.It is plain flour based dumplings steamed with carrot,cabbage stuffing. It has become a popular street food in India and is typically served with a red coloured and watery chutney.

It’s time consuming.

1st making of outer cover

2nd filling to be made

3rd shaping

4 the steaming or frying

For outer covering

Maida…..1 cup


Oil…..1 TBS

Mix everything into a dough with water and keep it aside.

For filling:

Carrots grated 1/2 cup

cabbage finely chopped…1.5 cup

Green chillies……1

Onion …..1 finely chopped

Garlic chopped into small pieces. 4 to 5 nos.

Ginger small piece grated

Pepper powder……1/2 tsp

Capsicum……..chopped3 tbs

Soya sauce……1.5 tsp


In a kadai put little oil now add garlic, onions, after sauting add cabbage,carrot then add salt and pepper powder.Finally add soya sauce mix well.Let it cool.

Make balls out of dough

Roll out each dough ball into a thin circle of about 2 to 3″.

Edges have to be thin

Place 1 to 2 TSP vegetable stuffing in the centre and start pleating from one side.

Or if you are going to make it semi circle make it and press sides with water.

Now place it in a steamer grease the plate with oil and arrange them.

If u don’t have momos steamer idli pan or cooker.

Cook till it becomes transparent not too long.

The other variety is to fry the prepared momos in oil.

Serve hot with momos chutney

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Momos is served with momos chutney.


Red chillies……4 nos

Tomatoes…….3 or 4

Garlic. …..4 pods

Ginger…1 piece

Sugar….1 tsp

Soy sauce….1 tsp

Salt…..1/4 tsp


In two cups of water add red chillies and boil it

Remove and keep aside.

Now add tomatoes to the water and boil it.when cooked keep aside

Remove skin from tomatoes put it in a blender. Add garlic ,ginger,sugar,salt and soya sauce.

Grind everything into a smooth paste.

If you want to have more thicker form can add 4 or 5 almonds after removing the skin.

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I have given many stir fry recipes. But this receipe is served during feast or sadya. Very tasty recipe.


Cabbage chopped……11/2 cups

Carrot grated……1/2 cup

For grinding

Onions small…5 nos

Green chillies..2

Cumin seeds..1/2 tsp

Curry leaves…..a few

Grated coconut..1/2 cup

Mustard seeds…1/4tsp

Urad dhal…… 1/2 tsp

Red chillies…1

Coconut oil…..2tbs

Turmeric powder….1/2 tsp


In a kadai add coconut oil it.

Add mustard seeds to it when it splutters add urad dhal.

Add red chilli .

Add carrot and cabbage few curry leaves.

Add turmeric powder and cook in high flame.It will let the water go. Don’t close the curry.So when u cook use thick bottom kadai.Dont use stainless steel or aluminum vessels.

First crush onions,green chillies,jeeragam and few curry leaves. Then add grated coconut turmeric powder and grind without water.

Add this grounded paste to the curry when there is no water in it. And add salt to it.

Then fry for nearly 7 mts.So that the coconut mixture gets mixed and cooked well.

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An Italian desert.

Panna cotta is an Italian desert.Italian for cooked cream.Gelatin is used.So basically it’s a pudding that is made of diary thickened with gelatin.So the China grass or gelatin gives a smooth mouth feel and melt in the mouth.

Can serve PANNACOTTA with different fruits too. Today I am going to share mango pannacotta.

Two steps.

First preparing the mango portion.


Mango cut into pieces…..1 cup

Agar agar……5 gms

Milk….1 cup

Sugar…..6 to 8 TBS (increase or decrease according to the sweetness of mango).

Soak agar agar in water 50 ml for 10 mts.

Now make mango puree with sugar and milk keep aside.

After 10 mts keep in stove and keep on stirring it till it gets dissolved completely.

Now add this mixture to the mango puree and mix well.

Pour the mango puree in a tilted glass.I have kept in a muffin tray.Now allow it to set in refrigerator for 3 to 4 hrs.

Can pour in straight glass too.

Now for the cream cooking.


Milk……1 cup

Agar Agar…5 gms

Sugar…1/2 cup

Vanilla essence….1 TSP

Cream……1/2 to 1 cup

Soak agar agar for 10 mts.

In 1 cup of milk first dissolve sugar then add cream just steam it don’t boil it.

Mix it well add vanilla essence to it.

Now heat the agar agar when it dissolves well pour into the milk cream mixture mix.

Now take the tilted glasses with mango puree which is set and pour the milk mixture into it and allow it to set in refrigerator for few hours.

Serve with cut mangoes

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We have many dosa varieties for breakfast.This suji cheela I’d easy to make.Since we add vegetable s the nutritional value is increased.


Rawa……..1 cup

Curd……..1/2 cup
Onion finely chopped…..2 TBS
Capsicum chopped…….2 TBS
Tomato chopped…..2 TBS

Curry leaves few

Ginger paste or ginger grated…..1/2 TSP.

Coriander leaves chopped…..1 Tbs
Oil for preparing cheela.

In a large bowl mix rawa and curd.Add 1/2 TSP salt and 3/4 cup water .Whisk well so that there is no lumps.Rest it for 20 to 30 mts.

When rawa gets soaked add chopped onions,tomatoes,capsicum,grated ginger curry leaves and coriander leaves .

Mix well with the rawa curd mixture

Can add water if needed

Now grease the dosa pan or a small pan.

Spread a laddle full of batter. Put oil in the sides. Cover with a lid. When it gets cooked flip the other side.

When done serve with chutney or sambar.

Chocalate desert milk cookery sweet


Another easy recipe especially for children.


Milkmaid…..1/2 tin

Chopped nuts….50 gms

Cocoa……1/4 cup

Butter……25 gms

Sugar…..6 TBS


Pour milkmaid into a thick bottomed pan.

Add butter and sugar into the pan.

Add cocoa and nuts

Stir on gentle heat till the mixture leaves the sides of the pan.

Pour evenly into a buttered dish.

Allow to cool and set.

Cut into squares.

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Among briyani varieties this is a different one . This is a one pot meal and also perfect for lunch box. Rich in protein and fibre.


Bay leaf…..1


Star Anise…..1



Mint leaves….few

Coriander leaves…few

Oil…..4 tbs

Rice…..1 cup

For grinding

Ginger…….a small piece

Garlic…….8 cloves

Saunf……1 tsp

Cinnamon…2 small pieces


Cardomom…1 or 2

Grind all these coarsely

SoakĀ  1/2 cup channa for 8 hrs. And pressure cook it for 3 whistles. It should not be mushy .It should be done only 3/4 th.


In a pressure cooker put 4 to 5 tbs oil put bayleaf,kalpasi,star anise,then add chopped onions then chopped tomatoes.

Add little salt. Fry till it blends.

Now add 1/4 tsp turmeric,1/2tspchilli powder, coriander powder 1 tsp,can add garam masala or briyani masala 1 tsp. And saute well.

Add cooked channa.

Mix and add rice to it.

Then add 2 cups of water.

Check for salt .

Now add mint leaves .

Cook for 2 whistles.

When done add finely chopped Coriander leaves.

Serve with carrot,cucumber and onion raita also papads.

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Paneer is fresh cheese common in India. Paneer bhurji is a delicious North Indian side dish.

Bhurji means scrambled so in this dish paneer is scrambled or crumbled.It is a quick recipe and can have withbread,roti or paratha.


Paneer….. 200 to 250 gms

Oil….3 tbs

Cumin seeds….1/2 tsp

Onion finely chopped….1/2 cup

Green chilles…..2 nos chopped

Tomatoes….1 cup

Turmeric powder….1/2 tsp

Chilli powder…. ..1/2 tsp

Coriander powder…. 1/2 tsp

Garm masala or vegetable masala….1/2tsp

Salt as required

Coriander leaves chopped …..2 tbs


In a kadai put oil and then add cumin seeds then chopped onion

Now add green chillies and tomatoes to it.

Now add turmeric powder,chilli powder, vegetable masala and salt to it.And fry it.

Allow it to cook for few minutes only. Otherwise it will become hard.

When tomatoes turns mushy and the spice powders blend well add crumbled paneer to it.

Finally add chopped Coriander leaves

Serve with paratha or roti or rice of your choice.


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This Sunday recipe is prepared with white peas,mango, coconut as the name suggests.This is very famous in beach especially Marina beach. Invariably those who visit beach never miss to taste this. As this is mango season thought of trying this recipe.The crunchiness of onion,tanginess of mango and the taste of green chilies everything adds to the flavour.

Soak white peas for 8 hrs or overnight


White peas…….1 cup

Raw Mango..5 TBS
Coconut…..3 TBS
Onion……3 TBS
Green chillies….1 to 2

Ginger…..1/2 inch piece

Red chilli powder..1 TSP
Mustard seeds…..1/4Tsp
Urad dhal…..1/2 tsp

Carrot grated…..2 TBS
Coriander leaves chopped….2 tbs

Hing…..1/4 TSP
Curry leaves few.


White peas should be cooked but not mushy.

Grind coconut,green chilies and ginger.Just pulse it not a fine paste.

In a kadai put oil.

Add oil to it.

Now add mustard seeds and when it splutters add urad dhal when it turns brown add curry leaves then half of the onions.onion s

Onion should not be soft.It should have crunchiness.

Add cooked peas to it.

Then add grinded mixture to it

Fry well till everything gets mixed .Add lemon juice of 1/2 a lime switch of the stove.

It’s time to add grated mango, carrot and mix well.

While serving serve with mango and chopped coriander leaves.

Very healthy evening snack

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There are different types of chutney.This goes well with dosa or idli.


Bengal gram…..1/4 cup

Red chillies…..8 nos

Garlic…7 cloves

Onion ….1

Tomato …..1

Coconut grated…1 Tbs
Salt to taste

Mustard seeds….1/4 TSP
Urad dhal……1/2 TSP
Curry leaves few.


Put oil in a kadai.

Fry Bengal gram dhal and red chillies keep aside

In the same kadai add onion,garlic and fry a little and then add tomatoes and when done add coconut and fry.

First powder Bengal gram dhal and red chillies

Now add fried garlic,tomatoes,onions and coconut to it and grind it after adding salt.

When grinding is over transfer it to a bowl.

Add seasoning that is mustard seeds,urad dhal and curry leaves fried to it.