vegetable cooking


Momos is a type of steamed food filled dumpling. There are typically two types of momos steamed and fried.Momos is usually served with a dipping sauce Normally made with a tomato as the base ingredient.Pan fried momo is also known as kothey momo.This is inherited from the traditional Nepali cuisine.It is plain flour based dumplings steamed with carrot,cabbage stuffing. It has become a popular street food in India and is typically served with a red coloured and watery chutney.

It’s time consuming.

1st making of outer cover

2nd filling to be made

3rd shaping

4 the steaming or frying

For outer covering

Maida…..1 cup


Oil…..1 TBS

Mix everything into a dough with water and keep it aside.

For filling:

Carrots grated 1/2 cup

cabbage finely chopped…1.5 cup

Green chillies……1

Onion …..1 finely chopped

Garlic chopped into small pieces. 4 to 5 nos.

Ginger small piece grated

Pepper powder……1/2 tsp

Capsicum……..chopped3 tbs

Soya sauce……1.5 tsp


In a kadai put little oil now add garlic, onions, after sauting add cabbage,carrot then add salt and pepper powder.Finally add soya sauce mix well.Let it cool.

Make balls out of dough

Roll out each dough ball into a thin circle of about 2 to 3″.

Edges have to be thin

Place 1 to 2 TSP vegetable stuffing in the centre and start pleating from one side.

Or if you are going to make it semi circle make it and press sides with water.

Now place it in a steamer grease the plate with oil and arrange them.

If u don’t have momos steamer idli pan or cooker.

Cook till it becomes transparent not too long.

The other variety is to fry the prepared momos in oil.

Serve hot with momos chutney


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