Sambar is a staple South Indian curry.

It is a combination of lentils vegetables and sambar powder. It is a healthy recipe. And since we add veggies it isich in other nutrients like Vitamins,Minerals etc. We can either add one vegetable or a combination of vegetables according to our taste. We add shallots as we all know it is called as sambar onion. We can add big onions too.

The veggies that we add are carrots, drumstick,radish,big cucumber, potato,brinjal,ladies finger, capsicum and pumpkin. We can prepare with amaranth too.

Traditionally we prepare sambar for rice with toor dhal for rice and with moong dhal for tiffin.

Another option is we can use coconut.

We add it either after frying or after grinding it to a paste.

Dhal is cooked till mushy and added .

Toor dhal…..1/2 cup.

Wash and keep it in a cooker add little hung,2 garlic pods with11/2 cup of water and cook it.

Chop veggies of your choice with veggies which cook faster as large pieces the others smaller pieces.

In a kadai put oil add the vegetable like onion,carrot,tomato,green chilli..1,brinjal and drumstick.Fry a little then add tamarind extract (size of one lime).enough water should be there so that the veggies get cooked .

All veggies combined 1 to 11/2 cup.

When it is half done add required salt.

Add 2 to 3 TBS of sambar powder allow to boil till the raw smell goes. Finally add cooked dhal to it.

Add chopped coriander leaves.

Serve with rice,Pongal and even for dosa.


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