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Watch “ரொம்பா எளிதான வாழைப்பழ கேக் | Banana Cake Recipe in Tamil” on YouTube

Christmas special.


An easy preparation with banana also tasty one


Banana…..big..3 small 4



Sugar…1/2 cup

Baking powder….1 TSP
Baking soda….1/2tsp

Salt….1/4 TSP
Vanilla essence…2 TSP

Maida…1 cup

Nuts optional


1.Mash the bananas in a bowl

2.Add melted butter to it.

3.Now add egg.Mix well.

4.Add powdered sugar and mix

5. Now add baking powder, baking soda,vanilla essence,salt and nuts if going to add to the mixture and mix well.

6.Finally add maida.

7.Preheat the oven at 200 degrees.

8. In a greased tray add the mixture It should be only  half of the tray as it will raise after baking.

Now bake the cake for 35 mts.

Insert a stick and if it comes out without any cake mixture then cake is done.

Different models have different baking time. So bake according to it. Also bake cake in desired shape.


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