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ONAM is a festival celebrated by people in Kerala .It is a harvest festival and the significance of the homecoming of the mythological demon King Mahabali. During the month of Singham the first month of calendar malayalees all over the world celebrate this festival .Onam falls in between August and September every year people prepare Sadya for this festival for grand feast. A single course ofOnam Sadya has 24 to 28 dishes 11 dishes are essentially prepared for Onam sadya .Rice, coconut gratings, coconut milk and coconut oil are the basic ingredients in the most of the dishes. The Meal is traditionally served on banana leaves and consumed in one sitting the Onam sadhya items are served one by one in order even the age old tradition of serving a particular dish on the particular part of Banana leaf is strictly obeyed.

The items served are pappadam, uperi, Chakravaraty,mango curry ,naranga curry ,pachadi ,toran ,avial , parippu curry ,Sambar, pulissery ,rasam, mor kulambu, Ada pradhaman ,pal payasam, kadala payasam, khichadi, koottukari ,neer mor, puvan Pazham,boli.


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How to pack food for travel

During this covid period when we travel we hesitate to have food from outside. So decided to share this post.

Recently I had to travel so had to pack food for dinner. Instead of using plastic material for packing I have used healthy,biodegradable bananaleaf and paper for packing.

When we heat banana leaf it will not tear.So it will be easy and flexible.Wash the leaf first and then heat the leaf.

I packed idlis, place idlis apply oil and then chutney .

Wrap then cover it with newspaper and put a rubber band.

Same way you can pack chappathi or rice too.

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