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Idli milagai podi/Gun powder/Podi dosa

Traditional method of making milagai podi


Urad dhal ..1 cup

Red chillies broken 10 to 12 nos

Asafoetida small piece or 1/2 tsp powder

Salt 11/2 tsp


Watch “how to make idli dosa mulagai podi 1 / podi dosa இட்லி தோசை மிளகாய் பொடி செய்வது எப்படி/ பொடி தோசை” on YouTube

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To clean bottle oil containers easily. It’s always difficult to clean narrow neck oil containers.


Add 1 tbs salt,then dish washing liquid few drops then add hot water shake well.

It will get cleaned easily.

To prevent salt becoming soggy tie few grains of rice in a piece of cloth and keep it in salt container it will prevent salt from becoming watery

Watch “KitchenTips 9 எண்ணெய் பாத்திரங்கள பிசுபிசுப்புபோக clean oil bottles easily உப்புல நீர் கசியாம இருக்க” on YouTube

Cooking Recipes indian

Yam tawa roast

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diabetic recipe Easy recipe healthy recipes. indian

Broad beans porial Avarakai porial Watch “அவரைக்காய் பொரியல் இப்படி செய்யுங்க வீடே மணக்கும் Tasty broad beans porial சுவையான அவரைக்காய்பொரியல்” on YouTube

diabetic recipe Easy recipe healthy recipes. indian

Healthy Millets Noodles

Millets are very good for health. Both diabetic patients and those who want to loose weight can have this noodles.This noodles is very tasty too.

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