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Green gram dosai

A healthy recipe for both weight loosers and diabetic patients.Protein rich dosa.

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Cooking Recipes diabetic recipe indian

Tomato karhrika kichadi

A sooper side dish for idli or dosai. Very tasty one.

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Wealth from waste

When we buy computer sampirani that is like incense stick we get this small plate. I have given u an idea for using it usefully.

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Kitchen draw organization

Ideas for arranging kitchen drawer.

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Raw MangoSweet Pachadi


Among pacadi varieties raw mango sweet Pachadi is one of our favorite recipes. This is a Tamil New Years recipe. This is because on the new year we have sweet, salt spice,bitter,sour and astringent. Significance is that our life is a combination of mixed emotions like good,bad,sorrow,happy,victory, defeat and we should face them equally.
This is an easy to cook.

Raw mango____11/2 cup
Jaggery Powdered___1/3 to 1/2 cup
Salt a pinch
Turmeric powder a pinch
Chilli Powder a pinch

Remove skin from mango and slice it into thin slices.
*Take a thick bottom vessel.Cook mangoes with little water with a pinch of salt and turmeric.
*When it is cooked add jaggery to itallow it to boil till it dissolves.Now add a pinch of chilly powder.Cook in medium flame to avoid burning.
*When it blends well and gets thickened it is ready.

Some fry mustard seeds and res chillies add to the dish lastly.

Some add neem flowers too. Neem flower 1tsp can be fried and add it to the CURRY.Only if it is for New Year otherwise needn’t
Another option is to prepare jaggery syrup and then to the CURRY.Melt it by adding1/4 cup water and filter it.Add jaggery syrup to the cooked mango.

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Ulundu kali

Black gram deal Kali.This is very good for women. The combination of urad dhal powder palm jaggery very good for health.

Usually we make this and give for girls when they attain puberty.

I have given this easy recipe using cooker.

Basically a traditional recipe by Tamilians

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