I am Krishnakumari and I have a charming family. Dr.Makilzhan(son-in-law)Latha Kartik enjoy my dishes immensely and usually taste it with a beaming “WOW” and they gifted me with a suggestion to share my cooking skills with the world.

I was born I Tuticorin a city in southern most end of Tamil Nadu.And coming from a very traditional family cooking traditional recipes.My mom an expert in it taught me .

And marrying I have settled in Trivandrum so fond of trying Kerala recipe s is also my interest. And I enjoy cooking those recipes too.

About my hobbies I do little bit of painting and jewelry making.

In this blog I share traditional Tamil Nadu and Kerala cuisine

My son Girish chose this title cos I share food recipes,tips in cooking, simple wealth from waste d.i.y,easy painting techniques.

I always adapt simple methods and cook simple dishes.

I change or add few ingredients to the

Traditional recipes without loosing it’s authencity.

The things I would share here would be more about crafts and traditional food.

Yes, it’s the same Women’s World blog from a Tamilachi..