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Coriander 🍃 chutney a tasty side dish.

With these simple ingredients can make this tasty side dish. Can have it both for rice and dosa. This type of chutney can be kept for a week

Best combination for curd rice and also for tiffin.

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DIY indian seer thattu decorations ideas

Seer Thattu decoration ideas

Simple and easy seer thattu decorations ideas. In my you tube channel Malayala Tamizhachi Channel link below


Indoor plants decorations

Indoor plants contribute a lot for simple and easy home decoration s.

Simple containers transform the room into a beautiful one

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Baby Potato Fry

Tasty baby potato fry

Goes well with rice, chapati.

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Cooking Recipes diabetic recipe healthy recipes. indian

Millets upma

Healthy millets upma easy way of cooking.

Weight loss and diabetic recipe.

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Cooking Recipes indian traditional cooking



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In South India we have poriyal or kootu as a side dish for rice.We make kootu with different vegetables.This one is a different one.I have made this kootu with drumstick pulp.We can also use pieces too.


  • Drumstick :3 or 4
  • coconut scrapings :1/4 cup
  • Green chillies: 2 or as desired
  • Mustard and urad dhal :1/4 tsp
  • Garlic:2 pods
  • curry leaves: afew
  • Cumin seeds :1/4 tsp
  • Oil :1tbs



1.Clean drumstick and then chop it into long pieces.May be 4 or 6 inches length.

2.In a kadai put the cleaned drumstick add water,turmeric powder and cook.

3. If there is excess water after cooking keep it aside.

4.When it is cool take a single piece and by using a spoon or knife remove pulp.

5.Mash it slightly.

6.Grind coconut,green chillies,jeera and garlic pods.

7.In a kadai put 2 tablespoon oil, then add mustard seeds and urad dhal after splutterring add curry leaves.

8.Put the drumstick pulp add salt and boil for few minutes.

9.Now add coconut paste to it and boil for few minutes.

Now tasty stew or kootu is ready.This is a very healthy dish.

This goes well with puli kulazhambu.Removing pulp while cooking lessens time while eating.My entire family likes this very much.

How about you.?

Easy recipe indian

Watch “Bread sandwich Easy tasty sandwichkids favorite sandwich, quick breakfastTiffin box recipe” on YouTube

Bread Sandwich

Easy and tasty recipe

drinks healthy recipes. indian

Nanari Sarbath

A very healthy drink.Nanari syrup is extracted from the roots of the herb.

We get Nannari sarbath syrup from shop Have added soaked sabja seeds and lime juice.

Nannari root is a natural body coolant.If taken during summer it prevents dehydration.

Excellent blood purifier and health tonic

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Beans porial

Tasty beans porial with coconut milk.

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Cooking Recipes Easy recipe indian

Ghee podi idli

An all time favourite for many.


Put ghee on idli.

Spread idli podi/ gun powder on it.

In a pan put some ghee and sesame oil add idli podi then toast idlis in it.

Flip it on the other side

Serve with sambar

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