Kitchen Tips

To clean mixi jar easily.

To jar add vinegar and baking powder it will get cleaned easily and will run smoothly.

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To clean bottle oil containers easily. It’s always difficult to clean narrow neck oil containers.


Add 1 tbs salt,then dish washing liquid few drops then add hot water shake well.

It will get cleaned easily.

To prevent salt becoming soggy tie few grains of rice in a piece of cloth and keep it in salt container it will prevent salt from becoming watery

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Kitchen tips

To store pulses and lentils

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For increasing the shelf line.

Do it yourself hindu festival indian Tips

KARTHIGAI VIZHAKU Colour ful water candles

We light candles and keep diyas for Karthigai.

This time have kept water candles too.

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indian Tips


How to store coriander leaves

1.Take a container pour water in it keep root side down and leafy portion up cover with a plastic cover and store in fridge. It will stay fresh for longer time. If needed change water after 4 days.

2.Stire groundnuts in a cover open end should be clipped and store in freezer will stay fresh for longer time.

3.If not keep nuts in a box in a airtight container it will not loose the taste.

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1.To remove labels from stain less steel vessels expose the label to har drier for few minutes it will easily peel off due to the heat.

If there is excess gum put few drops of oil and wipe it with a cloth it will get removed easily.

2.To store snake guord in fridge for longer time remove seeds and cut into pieces and store in boxes .It will stay fresher for longer period of time.

3.Small children may scribble with sketch pens or color pencils on walls.To remove it use toothpaste and wipe it with a cloth.

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1.While grating carrot,beetroot apply little oil on the grater it will be easy.

2.To powder jaggery can use grater it will get powder soon.

3.A spoonful of sugar placed at the base of the container in which we store biscuits will protect biscuits from moisture.

4.While serving tea for many keep a spoon in the cup it will not spill.

5.While boiling eggs add little vinegar while cooking it will not break.

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  1. While preparing dough for poori mix 1tsp gram flour with it. The color of poori will be good
  2. While preparing kesari add milk.
  3. To de skin garlic put in hot water then in cold water.Drain the water. Easy to remove the skin
  4. While breaking coconut wet it before.
  5. If dosa dough is watery add rawa also grind coconut and add to it.
  6. To check whether we have added salt to curry, check the bubbles if it is added it will boil in the centre,if not it will have bubbles in the corner.
  7. Can add little oil to the idli batter it will be soft for longer period


We have tricks for making day to day routine easier.I am going to share few.

  1. To remove odour from fridge can dip a piece of cotton in any essence and keep it in the fridge.
  2. When we use new nylon threads soak in soap water for some time and then use it
  3. Can keep few pieces of mosquito mats under a paper where we keep clothes. This puts off small insects
  4. To de skin garlic soak it water for few seconds and then remove it will be easy.
  5. Excess fried papads can be stored in ziplock covers and store it in will be crispier.
  6. To retain the freshness of ginger garlic paste pour little oil and store it.
  7. When we use fried onions to decorate Briyani add a dash of sugar it will turn red quickly.
  8. To ripen fruits faster store them in paper bags
  9. When we cook cauliflower add little milk to retain its whiteness.
  10. When we store paneer in fridge store in a blotting paper it will be fresher.
Random Thoughts Tips


Nowadays hosting parties is part and parcel in our life. We host parties for different purposes.

Table setting that is laying a table or place setting refers to the way to set a table with tableware such as eating utensils and for serving and eating.The arrangement for a single dinner is called a place setting.

The room room should be arranged for receiving and the host should see that the seating arrangement is done properly.

The etiquette to be observed by the

host or the hostess begins from the setting of the table which depends upon many things like the number of people invited, the menu, the way of serving the course.etc.
No.of Persons:

One can manage guests themselves or with the help of 2 or 3 persons.It is best to limit to 8 to 10 couples for a party.If one cannot prepare everything can get few food stuff from outside also..If guests are all going to talk and enjoy themselves a small number would be ideal to make the atmosphere informal and cosy.

A large number would mean that people will form groups and chat away in corners instead of everyone joining in the fun that is going on.

Setting the table smartly and beautifully is important and quite often opens up a line of conversation and paves the way towards the success of the party.

For a basic table setting one should remember the order of plates and utensils .One can remember the word “FORK”.The order left to right.

  • F for fork.
  • O for plate (Shape)
  • K for knives
  • S for spoons.

This setting is appropriate for most occassions.

  • The knife is placed to the right of the plate with the sharp edge towards the plate
  • .To the right side of the knife is the spoon.
  • The water glass goes above the knife.
  • Napkins can be placed under the forks or on the plate for an informal setting.

Informal Dinner:

If a salad is to be served the salad fork is placed to the left of the diiner fork.

Desert fork can be brought with the desert

In formal dinner setting:

  • White and red wine glasses if necessary along with water glasses are positioned to the left of coffee cup.
  • You can serve appetisers and beverages in the living room before sitting down.

Before serving dessert clear the table of dishes and other implements and finger bowls should be brought in for the guests to clean their fingers of stains from curry and grease.Finger bowls should be picked up and kept on the left where originally fork was placed.One should remember that finger bowl is not a hand bowl.One can then wipe off with the napkin.

The wines served to guests in the party generally are white wine, champagne with pudding.Sometimes tea or coffee is also served.

Last but not least one should not forget salt and pepper shakers too.


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