In India we have a number of spices. Usually I post a recipe but today I thought of giving the glossary of few Indian Spices in a few languages with the intention that it will be useful for the beginners. With different climatic conditions we produce different spices.We can use spices in different forms.Some are soaked and used, some fried,some cooked and we use in different stages of cooking . Some can be used in a powdered form. Some are added last to give flavour too.Below I have given a list of few spices so that it will be helpful for beginners to know about the spices used in a particular recipe.

English Hindi Malayalam Tamil Telugu
Aniseed Saunf PerumJeerakam Jeerakam Sompu
Asafoetida Hing Kayam Perumkayam Inguva
Bay leaf Tej patta Vayanaila Brinji ila Biranjiaku
Cardomom Illachi Alekka Yelakka Yelakkayalu
Cinnamon Dalchini Patta Pattai Dasinichekka
Cloves Laung Grambu Kirambu Levangalu
Coriander Dhaniya Malli Kothamalli vithai Daniyalu
Cumin Zeera Jeeragam Jeeragam Jeelakarra
Fenugreek Methi Ulluva Venthayam Menthulu
Mustard Reysarson Kadugu Kadugu Avalu
Nutmeg Jaiphal Jathikka Jathikka Jathikai
Poppyseeds Khus khus khas khas Khasa khasa Gasagsalu
Sesame/Gingelly Til Ellu Ellu Ellu
Tamarind Imli Valampuli Puli Chinthapandu
Dry Mango Amchur Unnaka mango podi Kayantha mangai podi Mamidi kaya podi
Lentils Dalchini Parippu Paruppu Pappu
Blackgram Urad Uzhunnu Uzhunthu Menapappu
Semolina Sooji Rava Ravai Rava
Oregano Ajwain Omam Omam Omam/Vamu
Green gram dhal Moong Cherupayar Pasipayar Pasaraparupu
Molasses,Brown sugar Gur Sarkarai Vellam Sarkara Bellambu
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Removing stains from fabric

1.For ink stains : 

It is advisable to immediately wash these stains with hot water and

soap.For denser ones can scrub some lemon and wash the stain with some soap .

2.For tea and coffee stains:

Pour boiling water  from a height of 3 or 4 ft on these stains.Then  wash them

with warm and soapy water and rinse well.

3. Stains of all kinds of rust:

Lemon juice or salt can be used to remove these stains.

4. Paint stains:

Dip the stained clothes for about 1/2 an hour in turpentine oil and wash them away with soap.

5.Turmeric stains:

Make a paste of water and soap and rub it on both sides of the stained cloth.When dry pout hot water on the stains from a height of 2 mts.

Removing labels,cleaning strainers,storing lemon Tips


  • To  remove stickers from stainless steel vessels heat the vessels then using knife remove the stickers.
  • Stainless Coffee Filters and tea strainers can be cleaned easily by showing it in flames.
  • To remove rust from knives cut the potato and rub it to it.
  • To keep lemons fresh keep it in cloth and then keep it fridge

Excess Salt in Food

  • If salt is excess in kootu or curry, grind 2 or 3 of the following ingredients,onion tomato,cashew,coconut fry and grind it then add to curry
  • If dosa batter,can fry little rawa and add to batter.
  • To remove excess salt in vegetable porial like brinjal,carrot beetroot,ladiesfinger can add fried onions
  • If in rice items can add ghee.
  • If in sambar put raw potato in it..