Raw MangoSweet Pachadi


Among pacadi varieties raw mango sweet Pachadi is one of our favorite recipes. This is a Tamil New Years recipe. This is because on the new year we have sweet, salt spice,bitter,sour and astringent. Significance is that our life is a combination of mixed emotions like good,bad,sorrow,happy,victory, defeat and we should face them equally.
This is an easy to cook.

Raw mango____11/2 cup
Jaggery Powdered___1/3 to 1/2 cup
Salt a pinch
Turmeric powder a pinch
Chilli Powder a pinch

Remove skin from mango and slice it into thin slices.
*Take a thick bottom vessel.Cook mangoes with little water with a pinch of salt and turmeric.
*When it is cooked add jaggery to itallow it to boil till it dissolves.Now add a pinch of chilly powder.Cook in medium flame to avoid burning.
*When it blends well and gets thickened it is ready.

Some fry mustard seeds and res chillies add to the dish lastly.

Some add neem flowers too. Neem flower 1tsp can be fried and add it to the CURRY.Only if it is for New Year otherwise needn’t
Another option is to prepare jaggery syrup and then to the CURRY.Melt it by adding1/4 cup water and filter it.Add jaggery syrup to the cooked mango.

Recipe video in my channel Malayala Tamizhachi channel


See recipe in my channel Malayala Tamizhachi Channel RIDGE GUORD /PEERKANGAI GOSTHU


We have many accompaniment forIdlis and Dosas.Coconut chutney and sambar are common side dishes.Ridge GUORD gosthu is an easy one. Those who are allergic to brinjal can have this side dish.
Peerkangai has many health benefits. This is rich in dietary fibre and vitamins.It aifs in good digestive system.
Peerkangai/Ridge guord chopped_ 2cups
Shallots_10 to 15Nos or
Onion_ 2Nos.
Green Chillies 2 or 3 accdg. to taste
For frying:
Oil_ 1 to 2 tbs
Urad dhal_1/2 TSP
Mustard seeds 1/4 TSP
Curry leaves a few
Coriander leaves finely chopped 1 to 2 tbs.
Hing 2 pinches
Salt as required.

1.Wash ridge guord and peel it’s skin and chop it.
2.Keep a wok or idli container  to cook it.This will cook quickly.
3.When cooked remove from fire and when it cools put in mixer with green chillies and make it a paste.
4.Heat a pan drizzle oil to it.Temper with mustard seeds,urad dhal to it add curry leaves and then add onions fry till it turns pinkish.
5.Now add the grounded ridge  guord with little water with required salt and asafoetida powder.Allow it to boil.Add coriander leaves.
6.When it is ready serve with idlis.

Can add tomatoes or tamarind  pulp to it



Sambar is a staple South Indian curry.

It is a combination of lentils vegetables and sambar powder. It is a healthy recipe. And since we add veggies it isich in other nutrients like Vitamins,Minerals etc. We can either add one vegetable or a combination of vegetables according to our taste. We add shallots as we all know it is called as sambar onion. We can add big onions too.

The veggies that we add are carrots, drumstick,radish,big cucumber, potato,brinjal,ladies finger, capsicum and pumpkin. We can prepare with amaranth too.

Traditionally we prepare sambar for rice with toor dhal for rice and with moong dhal for tiffin.

Another option is we can use coconut.

We add it either after frying or after grinding it to a paste.

Dhal is cooked till mushy and added .

Toor dhal…..1/2 cup.

Wash and keep it in a cooker add little hung,2 garlic pods with11/2 cup of water and cook it.

Chop veggies of your choice with veggies which cook faster as large pieces the others smaller pieces.

In a kadai put oil add the vegetable like onion,carrot,tomato,green chilli..1,brinjal and drumstick.Fry a little then add tamarind extract (size of one lime).enough water should be there so that the veggies get cooked .

All veggies combined 1 to 11/2 cup.

When it is half done add required salt.

Add 2 to 3 TBS of sambar powder allow to boil till the raw smell goes. Finally add cooked dhal to it.

Add chopped coriander leaves.

Serve with rice,Pongal and even for dosa.

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Easy to make sweet. Very tasty too.



Dessicated coconut…3/4cup

Besan flour ……1cup


Sugar…..3/4 to 1cup

Cardomom powder…1/2tsp


I didn’t have dessicated coconut so fried coconut scrapings in a tawa.

Dry roasted it.

In a mixer jar grind coconut and milk into a fine paste.

In a kadai add 1/4cup ghee and add sieved besan flour mix well and fry for 3to 4mts.The raw smell should go and nice aroma will come.

Then add sugar according to your taste.and cardomom powder.

Mix well but not syrup.

Then dessicated coconut and milk mixture to it

Mix well till it is creamy.

It will get thickened.

Cook in medium flame.

It will leaves the sides of the pan.

To test when we take a small portion and make balls it will be intact.If not ready after making balls it will crumble or it will break.



Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: Kerala ,South India
Diet: Vegetarian

Rice puttu is common breakfast eaten in South Indian States not only in Kerala but also in Tamil Nadu and parts of Karnataka. It is made in steamed cylinders of ground rice layered with coconut scrapings. Puttu is served hot with sweet dish such as palm sugars and and bananas or with curries such as dal,chickpeas and non vegetarian curries.

Traditionally it was made in bamboo logs which gives a lovely aroma.

I made it from store bought rice flour.We need a special vessel called puttu kudam which is the puttu maker.This comes in two parts .The top cylindrical part is for steaming puttu.If we don’t have puttu kudam it can be steamed in idli pot. I have bought the upper steamer which can be kept on top of cooker or pressure pan.


  • Rice flour….1 cup
  • Coconut scrapings….1/2 to 3/4 cup
  • Salt as needed.


  • Take cup of puttu flour in a mixing bowl
  • Add salt .Mix well.
  • Now sprinkle water as needed.To get a soft puttu the amount of rice flour to water ratio is important. When you hold between palms it should form lumps. When you press it should break or crumble.Break all lumps.
  • I keep in cooker so kept water in it and covered the pan.
  • Now first place the perforated disc in the cylinder.
  • Add 2 to 3 tbs of coconut scrapings in the vessel.
  • Then add puttu flour till it reaches half of the cylinder.
  • Then add 2 or 3 TBS of grated coconut then putting flour.
  • Finally finish it with coconut scrapings and cover with lids.
  • Place the cylinder portion on top of the pressure pan.
  • Water should boil
  • Steam puttu till you see the steam releases through the top vent in the cover.
  • The time taken depends on the flour.
  • Remove the cylindrical part from the pan and cook for 3 to 4 mts
  • Then using a skewer which comes with the puttu steamer and remove the steamed puttu.

Serve puttu with black kadalai curry, potato stew, banana ,moong dhal and papadam.

Choice is yours.

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I have already shared with you Channa curry for bhatura. This is a side dish for poori,roti,chappathi and this is different. Just like other receipes in Kerala we add Coconut for this recipe.


Chickpeas……..1 cup



Pepper powder….1/2 tsp

Coconut scrapings… ..1/2 cup for a extracting milk.

Ginger garlic paste….1 tsp

Cornflour…2 tsp

Lemon juice…1 lemon

Coriander leaves.

Coconut scrapings…..1 tbs(optional)

Garam masala powder….1 tsp or vegetable masala

Turmeric powder ….1/2 tsp

Cook chickpeas till it becomes soft.


In a kadai .put oil in it. add 1 piece cinnamon. (Optional)

Now add onion fry a little and then add tomatoes

Now add pepper powder ginger garlic paste,garam masala or vegetable masala saute it after adding salt.

Add channa dhal then add coconut milk and corn flour mixed in water and allow. It to boil. Check for salt.

Cook and when done add lime juice and chopped coriander leaves.

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I have given many lunch box recipes.

One such tasty recipe is sambar sadam. This recipe is a South Indian style .

I have cooked rice and dhal seperately then added veggies .This is a good combination of rice,lentil and vegetables which is a healthy one.

For sambar rice I have used a powder which I have made at home. Another option is to use sambar powder.

Ingredients for the powder.

Coriander seeds…..1 TSP
Chana dhal……….1 TSP
Urad dhal……..1/2 TSP
Pepper corns ….few

Cumin seeds 1/2 TSP
Red chillies….1

Fenugreek seeds….1/4 tsp

Fry these ingredients and powder it.

Another option is to add 2 TBS coconut scrapings and grind into paste.

I have fried coconut scrapings and added to the rice.Since I had this powder without coconut.


Ghee…….2 or 3 TBS
Mustard seed……1/4 TSP
Urad dhal…..1/2 TSP
Rice….1 cup

Toor dhal….1/4 cup



Tomato ….1


Drumstick…few pieces/Peas/Brinjal/Beans(any veggies of your choice)


Tamarind…..small gooseberry size

Curry leaves….few

Coriander leaves chopped 1 TBS

Turmeric powder…..1/2 tsp


Cook rice and dhal seperately.

In a kadai.Add ghee.

Now add mustard seeds when it splutters add urad dhal and red chilly.

Now add curry leaves,shallots, tomato fry a little then add drumstick and carrot.Add salt.

Fry then add turmeric Powder and then the powder which has been made.

Then add tamarind extract and allow the veggies to get cooked.

Now add cooked dhal and rice to it. If you want you can add fried coconut scrapings.

It will get thickened after sometime so while adding water be careful.

When rice,dhal, tamarind extract and vegetables blends well remove from fire and finally add chopped coriander leaves.

Serve with papad,salad or Cathal.


UZHUNDU VADA[urad dhal vada]



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Hash browns a new recipe tried by me. Also a different type of snack.


  • Potatoes……..6
  • Pepper powder….1 to 2 tsp
  • Rice flower….2 tbs
  • Corn flour….2 tbs
  • Onion powder…1 tbs. ( I didn’t have onion do added onions finely chopped).
  • Salt
  • Oil for frying


  • First select potatoe s which are hard.
  • Clean potatoes,peel skin and grate it with grater with big holes.
  • Wash in water for 2 or 3 times do that the starch gets removed and the water is clear.
  • Put 1 tsp salt and boil it for 2 mts with low medium fire.If cloudy froth appears remove it.Switch off the flame and immediately rinse it in cold water.
  • Now spread thegratedpotato in a towel.
  • Now spread the grated potatoes on a towel.
  • Squeese the excess water and dry it for few mts.
  • Put the grated potatoes,onion powder,rice flour,corn flour, pepper powder and mix well.
  • Two ways:
  • On a parchment paper spread the mixer and cover with another paper and roll it with roller pin.And then make itin shapes.
  • Next is can put in a tray spread the mixture in a tray.cut it with a cutter
  • Now keep in refrigerator for few hours
  • Again two methods for frying.I have used little butter and oil in a pan and have shallow fried it. It should turn brown. Some have deep fried which is of different taste.Many use egg to bind the ingredients.Serve with sauce.
    Some skip the boiling process but squeese out the water.