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Removing stains from fabric

1.For ink stains : 

It is advisable to immediately wash these stains with hot water and

soap.For denser ones can scrub some lemon and wash the stain with some soap .

2.For tea and coffee stains:

Pour boiling water  from a height of 3 or 4 ft on these stains.Then  wash them

with warm and soapy water and rinse well.

3. Stains of all kinds of rust:

Lemon juice or salt can be used to remove these stains.

4. Paint stains:

Dip the stained clothes for about 1/2 an hour in turpentine oil and wash them away with soap.

5.Turmeric stains:

Make a paste of water and soap and rub it on both sides of the stained cloth.When dry pout hot water on the stains from a height of 2 mts.



This receipe is made with left over curries.Yesterday after a small function there was excess of varieties of dishes.Instead of repeating the same menu the next also thought of giving it a new form.The left over curries was kept in the fridge and used.Left over sambar, dhal,avial and kootu was used.If we have ladies finger pachadi that too can be added but not thayir pachadi.


1.Take a kadai.
2.To it add all the left over curries.
3. After few minutes when it starts to boil add 2 or 3 tablespoons of gingelly oil/sesame oil.
4.When it thickens remove from fire.
It’s ready.

When cool can refrigerate.Can use for 3 or 4 days.

Can be eaten with dosai or mix with plain rice or stuffed inside dosai just like masala dosai or best as side dish for curd rice.


My daughter likes it.Try this and let me know.

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  • Dehusked green gram dhal:250gms.
  • Coconut:1
  • Ghee:2 tbs
  • Jaggery:500gms
  • Powdered cardomom:1tsp
  • Cashews: 2tbs
  • Raisins:1tsp


  1. Roast dehusked dhal in a kadai without oil
  2. Cook dhal and mash well.
  3. Melt jaggery in a cup of water and strain to remove dirt.
  4. Extract milk from coconut.keep aside this thick milk.
  5. Now add water and extract 2nd milk.
  6. Keep kadai or thick bottomed vessel and put mashed dhal into it.
  7. Add melted jaggery to it and mix well.
  8. Now add 2nd extract milk.
  9. when almost thick add 1st extract milk
  10. When it begins to boil remove and add cardomom powder
  11. Heat ghee fry cashews and raisins add to it.

    Payasam is now ready.Serving with vadai or with banana and papad is a good combination.Instead of coconut milk ordinary milk can be added.


Cooking Tips

1.If water content is more in dough for chappathi,vada or bonda keep the dough in the fridge for 20 30 minutes and then prepare it.

2.To prevent fungus growth in pickle first pour 2tbs warm oil in the container and spread it thoroughly and then store pickles in it.

3.For quick snack dip bread slices in dosa batter and put it in dosa tawa ,serve with chutney or sauce.

4.For a change keep a cabbage leaf around onion slice for bajji,it will taste differently.

5.For a variation in lime rice grind ginger and green chillies and then add to rice.


House cleaning

A home should be clean and tidy to be called”Home Sweet Home”. The health of the inmates depends on the care they take to keep the house spotlessly and sparkling bright.Cleanliness of the house is very very important.

The task of keeping the house and surroundings clean should be executed systematically. Cleaning is the removal of all dust,dirt and foreign matter. Daily,Weekly,Monthly and Periodical cleaning should be carried out in every home so that it will be easy to maintain the house.

  1. Daily Cleaning:. Sweeping the floor, dusting furniture,brushing door mats cleaning of kitchen slabs are daily tasks.It is a good practise to remove ones chappals or shoes before entering the house as it is done in most Indian homes.Windows should be opened to let sunshine
  2. Weekly Cleaning: Bedsheets can be changed.Moping of floors should be done..Bathrooms and toilets to be cleaned and disinfectants should be sprayed
  3. Periodical cleaning: Walls should be swept carefully,cobwebs dusted and cleaned.Wall hangings and pictures comes under this.Mirrors too have to be cleaned.If possible can put beds and pillows in the sun.Newspapers,magazines can be disposed off. When we clean the shelves in all rooms we can get rid of unwanted things.This includes unused clothes Curtains can be washed.While cleaning cuboards can clean one shelf per day so that we will not get bored and tired.

Like this when cleaning is done in a proper way and planning it will be an easy task.

And now a suggestion children will be at home so involve them in cleaning too. Can ask them to clean their things, let them arrange their books , toys and their things.Slowly they will develop the habit of cleaning and maintain their shelf and things.



1. Bread toasters can be cleaned by holding it upside down and then blowing it with hair drier.

2.While buying bottles for fridge get plain ones,it will be easy for cleaning.

3.If you need to store glass plates one above the other keep tissue paper in between.

4.When we buy disposable tumblers brooms etc. dont throw away the empty cover,you can use it keep umbrellas when not in use.

5.If glass cleaning liquid is  not available ,you can use the gram flour paste to wipe glass surfaces.


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I am Krishnakumari and I have a charming family.I just scored half century.Unspoken responsibilities of a housewife has been almost achieved

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Born and brought up in Tamil Nadu but married and settled in Kerala so started cooking Kerala cuisine too.

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