indian Tips Tips in cooking


  1. When you prepare sundal grind curry leaves and ginger and mix it the taste will be different.
  2. When we prepare soup can add 1/2 tsp ginger extract
  3. While preparing oothappam make a small hole in the middle and pour little oil in it,this will make it crispier.
  4. While preparing sweet pongal add 1/2 cup of coconut milk to it.
  5. After few days snacks like muruku and karasev will loose it’s taste to enhance taste you can powder it then add salt,chilly powder and a little bit of coconut scrapings.
  6. Soak some badam in water and grind it into paste add to gravy it will taste good also more nutritious.
  7. While grinding dough for dosai add little Bengal gram dhal and grind it.Taste will be enhanced.
  8. When we take chappathi for traveling put few pieces of ginger in the box it will keep it fresher for longer time.
  9. When we give filter coffee for guest add little instant coffee powder and pour in a cup.This will give you a frothy coffee.
  10. For grinding green chillies in mixi slit into two it will become a smooth paste.


1.Apply coconut oil on lime to  retain its freshness for more days.
2.For Ven Pongal/Kara Pongal instead of adding whole pepper  fry pepper powder in ghee with cumin seeds it enhances the flavour also children will not remove pepper from Pongal.
3.For extracting thick coconut milk immerse coconut scrapings in hot water and then if we  extract we get thick milk.
4.  To remove excess water from vada batter can add powdered bread to it then mix it and prepare vada.
5.If there are left over chappathi s we can steam them (just like we do for idli)
Chappathi will be very soft.