1.To remove labels from stain less steel vessels expose the label to har drier for few minutes it will easily peel off due to the heat.

If there is excess gum put few drops of oil and wipe it with a cloth it will get removed easily.

2.To store snake guord in fridge for longer time remove seeds and cut into pieces and store in boxes .It will stay fresher for longer period of time.

3.Small children may scribble with sketch pens or color pencils on walls.To remove it use toothpaste and wipe it with a cloth.

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Life hacks

1.When a drain is clogged with grease put a cup of salt and a cup of baking soda into the drain.Then poura kettle of boiling water.This will remove grease.

2.Attached blouse pieces which come with sarees cannot be used.These blouse pieces can be used for stitching small pouches.

3.With bathi’s asheswe can wipe brass handle it  will shine

4. If children draw with wax crayons can blow with hair drier when it starts melting canrub it off easily.

5.After using fevicol put few drops of water in it and store.

6.If going to work that is paint or embroidery first wash and then draw the design and start working.

7.For drawing kolams on tile floors we can use children’s crayons.

Removing labels,cleaning strainers,storing lemon Tips


  • To  remove stickers from stainless steel vessels heat the vessels then using knife remove the stickers.
  • Stainless Coffee Filters and tea strainers can be cleaned easily by showing it in flames.
  • To remove rust from knives cut the potato and rub it to it.
  • To keep lemons fresh keep it in cloth and then keep it fridge

Excess Salt in Food

  • If salt is excess in kootu or curry, grind 2 or 3 of the following ingredients,onion tomato,cashew,coconut fry and grind it then add to curry
  • If dosa batter,can fry little rawa and add to batter.
  • To remove excess salt in vegetable porial like brinjal,carrot beetroot,ladiesfinger can add fried onions
  • If in rice items can add ghee.
  • If in sambar put raw potato in it..