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CARD HOLDER (Wealth from waste)

Its long since I have posted a do it yourself craft.So I decided this week to post a wealth from waste craft.We all have old x-rays at home not knowing what to do with it.Here is an idea to make it  useful .I have a cardholder out of x-rays.

I have used two  for it. One bigger kept as background the other a small one in front. If the other one too is bigger then we can cut the size accordingly.Now put holes in the sides.Now can use satin ribbons or any fancy thread to keep both intact.Can use any old greeting cards or wedding invitation to decorate.The top is the attachments we use for dresses.

It is upto you to use different decorative items.Its ready for use. Can use for keeping posts or invitation or any thing which you prefer.

Let me know how you have recycled x-rays.