Easy painting techniques can do wonders in our homes. One of my hobbies is painting. In this post I have given some tips in which I have used spray painting to change Colors and give a new look to old objects. I have used two Colors in spray painting one is gold and the other one is blue colour.This post will give you an idea about this technique.

Spray paint is a great way to get a job done quickly. This method will work on a variety of materials like wood, plastic,metal and paper mache.

Few points to remember:

  • Use a drop cloth or a plastic sheet or news paper or a piece of cardboard.
  • Spray test shot on to a piece of plywood to see the spray pattern that the can produces. You can adjust your technic and hold the can closer or further from the target depending on the spray paint.
  • If you are going to keep objects exterior only then u need a prime coat.
  • First u remove the dirt and dust. If the objects get wet wait till it is dry.

I had few terracotta items I decided to give them a golden touch,You can see these items.I had shelf lying idle so decided to paint that with brown spray paint and then arranged the things in that shelf. This gave a different look to the terracotta items.


I had a stainsteel container which was leaking if we keep liquids. So thought of using it as a decorative piece.I used gold for this purpose.Really looked very nice.


I had a old Ganapathy which was made of plastic. I painted it to give it a new look.

Next a small basket was unused for a very long time.I painted the basket with blue colour originally it was violet color. It suited the color theme of blue in my kitchen.

The stand which was green colour now painted with blue to suit the theme. I have arranged small spices jar in top shelf. In the bottom shelf I have kept provisions and three containers have chilly powder,turmeric and pepper.


I spray painted the metal lids with blue to suit the color point to remember is that I have painted only exterior and not the interior portions.

This stand had metal finish I painted it blue.


The idol which had a dull finish was received as a wedding gift some 30 yrs ago.After painting the sheen is very attractive and looks like a new piece

All these are with spray paint.

Last but not least I wanted to have same colour lids for the jars and storage containers lid so I have used acrylic Colors that is fabricated color red to the lids to have a uniform look.

Hope you all liked this post and I think it will be useful for you to give a new look to old objects.



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